CCC's Prairie Carnation derived substances are exceptionally suited for use in cosmetic formulations. Fine micro starch (average size 1 micron, one of the finest starches available) can be a high quality base for lotions and cremes, as well as  products like eye shadows. All products are produced with sustainable, environmentally friendly methods, on the vast prairies of Canada. Prairie Carnation is highly suitable for organic production, since it outperforms most other plants, and is not a food source for most pests. All relevant organisations required for organic agriculture in Canada are located within our office building, facilitating quick lines of communications.


In addition, also our saponins have various applications for cosmetics. Apart from their cleansing abilities, they also bind cholesterol. They have anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The sapogenin is water repelling, and the glycoside hydrophilic. Hence, saponins act as a natural surfactant, and as a natural emulsifier for making cremes and lotions .