Producing industrial crops - not for food - has many advantages, both for the company, for the seed grower and for the customer. Food production is regulated strongly to protect the consumer, however, in case of industrial crops, crop protection and seed regulations are much less stringent. This increases the safety for high yielding crops, because a lot more crop protection products are available to the farmer. Depending on industry segment, residues may not be as important as in food production. On the other hand, the cosmetic industry would buy organic if the quality is available and the price is low. So we have to work on meeting the different needs, industry by industry.

Novel Food Application

If we would apply for novel food approval of Prairie Carnation, the emulsifier that can be produced from the seed would be extremely attractive for clean label requirements of food companies. Carnation saponins are one of the strongest natural emulsifiers from plants. Novel Food approval is expensive, but we think it would be attractive enough to undertake together with a large industrial customer.