The R & D team of the Carnation BioProducts Company is advised by Dr. John Balsevich who has 15 years of experience with saponins and cyclic peptides through his previous assignment with National Research Council in Saskatoon. 

A few years earlier, he worked with the Cancer Center of the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon and showed that some saponin fractions which he identified and tested are specifically inhibiting certain cancer cell lines with a high difference compared to controls. Also this application has been patented, and U of S tries to market the technology. 

Since 2013, the firm examined sustainable, industrial solutions for flotation mining. In 2013, CCC has completed two studies, one with POS BioSciences to develop processing. Another study with PAMI in Humboldt resulted in optimum milling conditions. A third study showed how to separate seed embryos from whole carnation grain. Another study with Saskatchewan Research Council showed that several of our products can be used in the mining industry.