Seed Production

Canadian Carnation BioProducts Company (CCC) produces grain to manufacture starch, saponins, protein and smaller contents of the grain such as antioxidants. CCC  is also a seed company, and produces seed via farmer contracts. CCC offers farmers one year contracts and provides the seed as well as the consulting for growing the crop. The  seed supply is part of the contract, so the risk for the farmer is low. The farmer is paid for the amount of cleaned seed delivered to CCC. In normal years, a price similar to canola per tonne of seed will be paid to the farmer.

CCC has produced a large number of double haploid plant lines which are used for the breeding process. By using double haploid lines, CCC is able to produce carnation breeding lines which will be homozygous in all genes. They will be ideally suited to produce hybrid cultivars. Other breeding objectives that we pursue are a larger habitus, resistance against Alternaria, higher yield and higher content in either saponins or in cyclic peptides.

We also have color markers available, because CCC carnations come with either white flowers (White Beauty), simple pink flowers (Scott) or darker, double pink flowers. which are extremely attractive (Mongolia).