Grain Processing

Carnation Grain contains starch like many other crops, and for depressants it does not matter where it comes from, as long as the performance of the depressant is good, and the price is right. However, every starch is different, the gelatinization process depends on the size of the starch grains and some other factors. Potato and pea have really large starch grains, and need more energy to gelatinize. We plan to work with an ethanol distillation plant situated close to a grain terminal. So our most capital intensive activities like grain collection, storage, and transportation can be handled by the grain partner. 

We are planning to do the milling, cooking, drying  of the starch at a large farm site near Saskatoon.  We are responsible for the logistics, transport to the customer, the packaging and storage and shipping of the finalized product. However, to become a supplier of large firms is very challenging.  For example potash firms need large amounts of depressant, and frother which we can produce from our grain. It is very important to us to become a very reliable supplier.