The most important product of Canadian Carnation BioProducts by volume would be the carnation starch (Vaccaria hispanica, syn. Saponaria vaccaria).  We intend to produce an suitable starch grade to process into a dry depressant powder. A bolt-on operation with an ethanol plant might be ideal for this purpose. 

In the cosmetic industry starch is used for creams and lotions. In the food industry fine starches are used for deserts, sauces, clouding agents, and dressings. 

There are many additional uses for which our fine starch is exceptionally suited, For example energy harvesting is only one such example. [1]


[1] Starch Particles, Energy Harvesting, and the Goldilocks effect, Hossain, Karoyo, Dehabadi, Fathieh, and Simonson, 2018, ACS Omega.