It has been the subject of several past studies by starch companies and sugar companies trying to define value added products from Saskatchewan cereal starch. Considering that the prairies are one of the largest cereal and starch crop producing areas in the world, the low price for cereal starch and the constant demand for protein content instead, has been an obstacle for a long time without solution.

Most cereal grain gets shipped out of the province without any value added steps. Farmers are losing money on wheat and barley if the year is bad or if the quality is poor, but they need to grow barley and wheat for crop rotation with canola and pulses. The most important protein crops in Saskatchewan are peas, lentils, chickpea, and soybean seems to be on the rise. Farmers maximize canola and pulse acres because those are their money makers, not the cereals.  Cereal proteins are valuable for human consumption and define the high quality of wheat bread of which gluten is a beneficial nutrient for most people.

Protein Industries Canada (PIC) is a strong example that the demand of protein especially in Asia is going up significantly. PIC as many other companies is facing the challenge that we need new uses for starch which becomes a byproduct when protein is extracted from pulse crops. 

CCC has been working on using starch for energy wheels in collaboration with UofS.