Seed Processing

The objective of CCC is to fractionate the seed. We do not want to mix the various seed contents but we keep them separate by mechanical fractionation steps. In collaboration with PAMI Institute in Humboldt, SK, we found out, depending on the product we want to make, that two processes can be pursued.

1) Dehulling seed and wet processing and sieveing off the starch, while embryos stay collected in the sieve.

2) Impact milling and roller milling of seed which separates the embryo from the starch body. 

3) Through analysis of the Prairie Carnation seed with the Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon, it was found out that there is a sticky protein layer on the inside of the seed hull which makes it difficult to seperate from the starch.  For this reason purification of starch needs to be done through wet processing because water seperates the starch from the seed hulls.

4) Once the starch has been dried it can be dried in different ways, and we can produce vary light, fluffy bucket ball starch through spray drying.